Wednesday, November 15, 2006


happy holidays!~! i'm downloading ms latest patch while typing this post. today is my last day of final exam, last day of college. omg! i cannot believe that i've finished [S]tudy [A]tau [M]ati programme!!!! and I'm so glad that i took biology instead of specialist math / accounting. muahaha~ S.math students will sit for their final paper tomorrow, while accounting students will have their last paper next tuesday, just 1 day before corroboree! ><" kinda sad lar last day of college. everyone will be on different track after this year. When can i see my classmates again?

*1 week b4 cny*
*preparing "smashed" potato*
*stacie n i were lookin at the other camera*
*G4 "smashed" potato is the best!*
*we pause our copyin work for this shot!*
*see!!! everyone was copying!*
*1st time in Little Taiwan*
*better make sure u know where to run when taylors is on fire*

*??? lengzai outside the class???*
*i'll pay rm1000 for palm reading*
*cie cie n i*
*jac is cute in this pic*
*Good day is always better than HL milk*
*they were just destressng*

-all the pictures were taken by class rep, hweiming-

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