Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Do you have a taste for medicine?

Maybe : In general, you are fairly suited for the challenges of a medicine course. However, you may be lacking the ultimate commitment as the road for a medical student and ultimately a doctor can be demanding and relentless. There is no respite in the process; rather, a doctor needs to constantly upgrade him or herself and maintain a high degree of ethics throughout the profession. The responsibility of being a doctor is far heavier than that of other professions. When you are fully aware and ready for this lifelong commitment, then this may well be the career for you.

Is Engineering for you?

think again! : You need to think twice about studying engineering! To do this discipline you have got to be fairly good academically, have an interest in science and technology, be able to solve problems and be able to see it through to the end of a particular task or project. You also need good communication skills.

Is the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry for you?

In-between : You fall into the in-between category where you are not sure if you can endure the long hours and difficult customers. You may enjoy working with people but you may not like the hard work and low starting pay that come with the job. Therefore you need to read all the articles in this publication and see if you can identify with the careers described. Talk to the people involved in the industry or get a part-time position and experience what it is really like. Perhaps then you can make a better decision.

Is science for you?

Half-baked : You have got the brains of a scientist, you love to probe and you understand logic-based deductions. Your attitude however is lacking. A career in science needs persistence and drive. You are bored with the mysteries of the universe even before you know what they are. You are also a tad lazy. Take that out of the equation and you might stop yawning and start investigating.

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