Thursday, December 28, 2006

i'm going to work for another hotlink job on 29th, from 5pm to 3am at sunway lagoon. that means i have to walk in high heels for 10 hours tomorrow. *pengsan* although heels may look good and be fashionable, i hardly wear them. Simple, it is freaking hard to walk in heels and it is torturous if wear them for long periods of time or for walking long distances. that is what i experienced on 24th. i was half-paralyzed after i finished my work on that day. thanks to the heels provided by them lar. the heels are soooo keras and made my feet sore for a few days. luckily my mum prepared me some warm water to soak my tired feet after i reached home. hehehe. my mama sayang me ^^

*my working pass. i can actually enter the concert with this*

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