Saturday, March 31, 2007

good morning people! it's saturday again! i used to love + enjoy saturday very much where i can shopping, mapling or relaxing at hOme. but now my saturday is totally different! im just sien with it. i've to sit in front of computer, struggling to finish up my chemistry + biology report, chemistry web test & marketing exercise, which are due on monday & tuesday. No more mapling & shopping. sobz. it is really tiring!

- - - - -
marketing is tough subject to my friends & i. the exercise is even tougher. No matter how hard we try, we will still get a low mark. seems like science students do not have "business brain". & i really regret taking marketing as elective unit lor. ><"

Don't u think my marketing textbook looks like guiness world record 2005?
{abit lar}

- - - - -

My P licence expired on Thursday and i had my licence renewal done yesterday. Meaning, I don't have a P sticker on my car anymore! I'm done done done with the two years of probation! congratz me! (^^)Y

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