Sunday, November 25, 2007

hee! accompanied mum shopping in jj bukit tinggi just now. Obviously, i'm a good girl, good daughter =P companied mum to stuck in traffic & squeezeeeEee in shopping complex on Sunday morning.

x x x

i've chosen what I think are the greatest inventions and listed them from least to most important.

5. Transportation
yes! transportation is indeed important! i can die if want me to walk / cycle to monash from my house everyday. and
thanks to Wright brothers! allow us to travel to everywhere in world.
everyone can fly~

4. sanitary pad
girls, do you want to leave a trail of blood behind you while you are menstruating?

3. Modern Plumbing
without modern plumbing, we will have to doo-doo & peeee in a drain? or maybe a chamber pot. Ewww~

2. internet
without internet, we won't be able to blog, shopping online, surf net & keep in touch with others

1. computer
Heee! internet means nothing if computer was not invented.

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