Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i'm happy!

happy early Labour day! ^^

thank to Labour Day

now i have 4 days off in ROW! isn't it great? =)

gene lab ended pretty early today so siewli & i went to RSH warehouse sales after class, since it is just few km away from monash. we thought we can grab lots of good & cheap stuff there so we withdrew some $ from ATM machine before left monash. =.= the place was like a big sauna and it was super crowded! and guess what? i ended up empty handed home hahaha! but siewli yang lucky able to get a big big big Reebok or Puma bag at RM29 only [NP=149] ! the bag is nice and is big enough to fit her inside =P she said that she will only use it when we have a sleep over at chianee's house after exam. siewli, are u sure that u wont use it before the sleep over? i don't believe u! ;P

x x x x

chianee broke my heart today

she claimed that she becomes so sampat this year is all because of me!

that's not true at all! i'm innocent! please trust me!

we all claimed that amy becomes so naughty these days is all because of jeannie!

well~ i'm totally agree it. it is 101% true! i believe that everyone will agree with it! this is called "negative peer influence"

okie enough of crapping

back to report =/

x x x x

susu tan
i know u are reading this.
how can u tell chianee that jeannie & i are more sampat that last year?!
*pinch ur face*

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