Sunday, April 20, 2008

i'm so lazzy! lazy lazy lazy lazy lazyyy! =(

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finally i uploaded CCG's pic

she was playing with my cam during BTH tutorial

we actually wore the same white top on that day!


x x x x x

my "favourite" subject

MIC is my "fav" unit! we learn about virus, bacteria, fungi, algae and perform the experiments that is related to thesee microorganisms. we can even observe their structures and arrangements under microscope! Envy us? this is such an "interesting" unit! nah! i'm SOOO in "love" with it! my "love" for it grow even deeper after i got F for my report! hahaha & guess what? i've decided to name my 1st child Virus & the 2nd child Bacteria! i strongly suggest u to name your children Fungi and Algae. Aren't these name sweet?

under microscope

found this unit as i browsing through the unit list in monash website last week

MMD3713 - Game design


This unit extends existing knowledge of multimedia authoring, 3D animation, and multimedia design into the design of real time 3D games. The role of artists and designers in the game design is explored. The stages of game design are studied - concept, specification, design, development and testing. Individual exercises in game design lead to the development of a prototype game design produced by a project team, with individuals performing specific roles in production.

actually i'm more interested in this unit! GAME DESIGN! i wish i could drop MIC & take this unit instead! =/ buthen that's impossible lar! as game design is only offered in Caufield campus & MIC is a compulsory unit for my course!!!

So. . .

stop dreaming!

la la la lazy-ing . . .

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