Saturday, April 12, 2008

my monash kaki

jeannie CCG
this is the sampatest

has angel face & devil body
sorry . . . is devil face & angel body XD
she is a mad driver with good sense of direction =P
but im really salute her because she can remember all our student ID

im not going to upload her pic here coz . . .

we took few pic together in 2008!
but she never send me any of those pic!
grrr . . .

but good hearted t]e forgave her liow
our friendship wont break bcoz of this small matter

next is long siew li [xiao li]

she spends most of her time in dating with 周先生
xiao li is a perfect name for her bcoz she is really 小粒
actually my name is perfect for me too!
zhen er zhen er... 真的很快俄!
that's why i'm always hungry in school

can u see the girl in red bottom?
yea she is jia xin
she was playing with the moon in the pic..
but she is not sailormoon
she is the 1 who tamtai all of us in feb 08 >:(

tan su yin!
she is 1 of those who like to hamsup my blog!
her nick is susu & she lovesss my "steering wheel biscuit"
that biscuit is actually called steering biscuit
but this susu tan insists to call it steering wheel biscuit
just because it looks like wheel
no more wheel steering biscuit for her coz she is in aus right now

then then then . . .
lee chia nee & amy teh
aww. . . they are my secondary schoolmate & classmate
lee chia nee can talk non-stop
but luckily im still geng-er than her
coz i can talk without full stop XD
amy teh is a genius & hardworking girl
she is our report provider
we all can't live without her

that's all!
back to assignment . . .

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