Monday, May 12, 2008

if u didn't on speaker, faster turn it on NOW!

if u are listening to music, faster stop it NOW!

listen to the song that is currently playing in my blog

one of my favourite song

intro by long long last year

x x x x

my lunch!

thank-you-chia-nee's-mum *again*

it was baked by her mum!

& it taste good!

her mum gave me sushi last monday & give me cake today =D


reached home pretty early today

coz i skipped my last lecture XD

washed face, put on mask, lie on bed for few minutes

i feel great now!

x x x x

everyone said i'm abnormal!

GENE test, due date for sci assignment & BTH report are on 23/5

i'm just abit more hardworking so that i can finish them in time mar!

i'll return to my death phase after i finish them

& so sorry CCG i was abit moOo-dy during GENE lecture


i know u are "big gas" & won't keep it in heart =P

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