Saturday, June 14, 2008

3 down

2 more to go

but i'm already in holiday moO-d

went shopping wit besties after my SCI paper on thurs

& dined at Italliannies to celebrate my "end" of exam

played maple after i reached home

so relax?!


i love the NY cheesecake @ Italliannies

few minutes later . . .

few seconds later . . .

. . . . .

3 cheese lovers~
1 is leaving for uk. . .

another 1 is leaving for. . . . -tobeconfirmed-

swt swt swt

tamtai me alone here


*thx to the angmo who took the pic for us*

x x x x

had a group study gossip with jeannie yesterday

it was group gossip coz . . .

talk > study


both of us already in holiday mOo-d

couldn't concentrate AT ALL!

we just want holiday!

>.< next week papers all masuk longkang~

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