Friday, December 12, 2008

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Went to class with siewli today. As usual, i parked my car at campus carpark and entered the campus through side gate. There is always 1 or more security guards at side gate and will ask students to present their student ID cards in order to enter the campus once in a blue moon.

TODAY . . . .

the guard stopped siewli & i . . .

guard: "sudah dapat card?"

me: "ada"

i was wondering why the guard asked "sudah dapat card?" instead of "ada card?".
but we took out our student cards and showed them to him without hesitation. He looked at our card and . . .

guard: "tahun satu?"

me: "erm . . . DUA"

actually we've already completed our second year and will be entering year 3 in feb 2009.

guard: "nampak kecil la~"

he repeated KECIL for few times
I gave him an awkard smile & kept our cards & then walked away in silent.

guard: "macam tingkatan 2, 3 la"

i turned back and . . .

me: "tingkatan 1"

we are forever young~

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4th submission

>> vintage: Loved by You <<
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viewed best in:
- both firefox & IE
- 1024 x 768

the alignment is screwed on other display resolution (eg: 1280 x 800)
i've edited it for few times but the alignment problem is still there!
grrr . . .

my current skin has alignment problem on other display resolution as well
it view best on 1280 x 800 lar
get very upset everytime i view my own blog on laptop with resolution other than 1280 x 800 pixels
the display resolution of laptop/desktop should be STANDARDIZED!

i'm sick with alignment problem & started to sien with blog design
panas panas tahi ayam

this tahi ayam panas for 2 weeks+


siewyin said...

XD tingkat 2 / 3..

Jin Phern 敬鹏 said...

haha,macam budak ke?tak mungkin masih tingkatan 2/3 la.ingat makan banyak tau.

t]e said...

muka terlalu comel
dats y guard itu anggap saya tingkatan 2/3 ;P