Saturday, May 05, 2007

hohoho hola! good mOrning! finally i updated my blOg~ (^^)Y i'm currently blogging in monash comp lab. i came here at 8am just to do my biology essay! hahaha. pui fOk my kerajinan?!(*^_^*) anyway, i just finished TWO paragraphs! i took 3 hours to finish these TWO paragraphs! (T^T) zzzZ. i hope i can finish this essay by 5pm. xD gambateh~

anyone watch The Hills Have Eyes? i watched this movie yesterday after class with dar. OMG OMG!~ the movie is super duper scary!! i think this is the scariest movie i've ever watch in 2007!! i nearly die in the cinema yesterday X/

my heartbeat b4 enter cinema
dup......... dup........ dup........ dup........

my heartbeat in cinema
dup dup dup... dup dup duup dup dupppp.. dupppp.... dup dup dupppp

heartbeat after cinema
dup.. dup.. dup.. dup.. dup...

this shows how scary the movie is!

well, i think i should continue with my biology essay :'(

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