Wednesday, May 09, 2007

tagged tagged tagggged by ruth, keeyei & siew yin!
y u all tag me?

1st tag!
5 reasons why i blog:
1) ........
2) .........
3) .........
4) ..........
5) ..........

basically i only have 1 reason to blog ,
--> blOg for fun (^^)Y

2nd tag

Layer One : On The Outside
Name - tehjener
Birth date - 880126
Current Status - in relationship
Eye Colour - brown black brown black
Hair Colour - black brown black brown
Righty or Lefty - righty

Layer Two : On The Inside

Your Heritage - Chinese!
Your Fears - uncountable
Your Weakness - uncountable
Your Perfect Pizza - pepperoni delight! (^^)Y

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up - let me sleep plsss
Your Bedtime - before 12pm
Your Most Missed Memory - err... no idea~

Layer Four : Your Picks
Pepsi or Coke - neither?
McDonald's or Burger King - McD!!!
Single or Group Dates - both?
Adidas or Nike - Adidas (^^)Y
Tea or Nestea - tea
Chocolate or Vanilla - vanilla~
Cappucino or coffee - err... Cappucino ><"

Layer Five : Do You...
Smoke - NOOO
Curse - seldOm
Take a shower - sure
Think you've been in love - yup
Go to school - yeap
Want to get marry - yea! but nOt now
Believe in yourself - yup
Think you're a health freak - NOOoo

Layer Six - In The Past Month
Drank alcohol - no~
Eaten sushi - no~
Dyed your hair - no~

Layer Seven : Have You Even...
Played A Stripping Game -no~
Changed Who You Were To Fit In - ??

Layer Eight : Age
You're HopingTo Be Married - not now~
For a - duno lar..

Layer Nine : In a Girl / Guy
Best Eye Colour - dark brown
Best Hair Colour - dark brown
Short hair or Long Hair - shOrt

Layer Ten : What Were You
Doing1 min ago - doing this stupid tag..
1 Hour ago - SCI project discussion
4.5 Hours ago - SCI project discussion
1 month ago - ....
1 year ago - ....

Layer Eleven : Finish the sentence
I love - shopping!
I feel - sleepy
I hate - this tag!!!!
I hide - nothing
I miss - hOlidayz~
I need - $$$

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People


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